BackroomCastingCouch - Tears of Joy – Virgo

21-year-old Virgo is here today, and she’s ready to get started making money in the adult industry. She’s sick of being a customer service rep, which I imagine is like answering phones all day. Well, takin’ dick to earn your dollar is a lot more fun, and she’s about to figure that out! Virgo is a nice-looking girl. Additionally, she’s one of two things – either really nervous or she’s super sketched we’re gonna try something funny. Lucky for her, we’re nice guys, and we’re just interested in seeing what she looks like taking dick. So after the usual interview, we have her get naked and play with toys. Next, she does a great job sucking my dick, and she gets so into it we get a few little happy tears out of it. Next thing you know, I’m fucking that pussy on the floor, then she’s riding me on the couch and having my balls deep in her throat. Actually, she looks great getting face fucked with those big eyelashes on. Then it’s time for anal. We start off on the desk and she takes it with no problem, I roll those legs over, and we get some good shots of that sweet meaty ass before a nice gape. She rides me again on the couch, and after the chair, I slide I back in her pussy for a drippy creampie which she compliantly licks off the chair. Finally, we have her back on the couch for the exit interview. Here, she’s a little less edgy. You can tell she’s happy she did such a good job. We’re happy too, Virgo, unfortunately, we actually don’t have any gigs for you so it’s back to the phones you go!


  • Site: Backroom Casting Couch
  • Release Date: October 2, 2023
  • Video Duration: 53:12
  • Quality: 4K UHD
Category: BackroomCastingCouch

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