ExCoGiGirls - I Want To Do This Everyday – Ivy Brooks, Justine Jakobs, Trinity Olsen

Hello sports fans and today we have another triple-header with three very hot hotties that love licking pussy. Let me introduce 41-year-old MILF bombshell Justine and just let me say holy mother of fuck because today’s going to be a great day. So if you’re a fan and member of excogigirls then just last week we witnessed newbie Ivy Brooks lick her first slit ever and it’s in the top 5 for a reason because it was also with Trinity Olsen and do I need to say more. Trinity’s just awesome with new girls and as all you adoring fans have stated, she’s exactly what this Lesbian Industry needs. But lets discuss Justine because during the chitchat intro we find out that she likes girls a lot but has never been with girls this young before. Love it and even Ivy was more excited to lick Justine’s pussy today I felt because she admitted she’s more excited about having an older woman like Justine lick her pussy, and for her to lick Justine’s pussy. Fuck me and who wouldn’t be turned on by Justine right? She’s fucking hot and once the get to know each other usual chitchat concludes the tops come off and the girls compare breasts, body’s, Asses and just touch and kiss each other for some very hot Girl on Girl on Girl porn play.


  • Site: ExCoGi Girls
  • Release Date: October 18, 2023
  • Video Duration: 01:36:02
  • Quality: 4K UHD

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