Family Strokes - Virgins for Valentine’s - Riley Jean, Madison Morgan, Ken Feels

Best friends Madison and Riley are beyond excited for Valentine’s Day and most excited about losing their virginity to their dates. Riley asks her stepdad, Ken, about her and Madison having a double date. Ken isn’t so sure, as he’s never met Riley’s boyfriend and doesn’t know if he can trust him. Riley begs her stepdad, but he doesn’t fold. He makes a deal – the boys will come over to the house, and Madison and Riley can have their dates at home. Although the guys coming there isn’t ideal, Riley folds. Later, Madison and Riley daydream about their dates and admire each other’s bodies. They caress one another and make out. Having their nipples played with and sucked sends their horny brains into overdrive. Both Madison and Riley are getting very into the moment, and all they can think about is sex. Their hands work their way down to each other’s pussies, and the girls grow wetter and wetter as they rub each other’s clits. Neither of them has played around with another girl before, nor anyone for that matter. This new experience teaches them that they’re both kinky and are bound to be horny all the time. Now, they’re even more excited about their dates. Ken overhears the girls talk about their plans to lose their virginities. He is immediately concerned, wanting to keep Riley and Madison safe.


  • Network: Team Skeet
  • Series: Family Strokes
  • Release Date: February 15, 2024
  • Video Duration: 01:07:05
  • Quality: HD1080p
Category: TeamSkeet
Performers: , ,

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