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No lie 27 year old Ruby looks 19. And I’ve had numerous and even hundreds of casting phone calls with young Girls, Women, Milfs, & Gilfs who have all told me they look waaaaaaay younger than their ages and it’s never true. Well today I can confirm unicorns do exist and Ms Ruby really does look 19 without makeup on, and all the way up until the day of the shoot I was holding out final judgments until we met in person and as soon as I walked onto set I was in turmoil. Fuck girl you really do look 19 and honestly I think you’re prettier in person and without any makeup on. That’s rare I’m telling you, so here’s my dilemma everyone. Do I put Ruby here on HMF and have members complain she’s not over 30 and without kids, or? Put a 27 year old on ExCoGi that looks 19 and hear you complain she’s not a college coed and she’s over 24. Well obviously I chose the former and with makeup on you still look 19 girl. Honestly you do and I don’t ever say this, but you really do look 19 and you all will just have to wait to see what other things we have in store for our new Teen / Younger Professional / College Grad Student / Milf / Struggling Actress in a Casting Role because she can play any of these which makes her perfect for the role playing porn world.


  • Site: Hot MILFs Fuck
  • Release Date: September 10, 2023
  • Video Duration: 02:02:08
  • Quality: 4K UHD
Category: HotMILFsFuck
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