Mom Swap - VR or Real - Vivianne DeSilva, Alexa Payne, JImmy Michaels, Parker Sims

Parker and Jimmy are two geniuses who love using their wits for pervy stuff. Their latest invention is a pervy VR experience involving their hot stepmoms Alexa and Vivianne. In this Virtual World, they are kings and can grope them however they want to, with the chance to feel their big and juicy tits and firm asses. The experience is so realistic that the boys lose track of time and play away. However, in the real world, Vivianne and Jimmy notice the boys with their pants down fucking the air. Rather than losing their minds, they decide to give Jimmy and Parker a taste of reality by sucking their dicks while they still think it’s all VR. Soon, the whole situation becomes a fuck fest, with Parker and Jimmy fucking each other’s stepmom without even knowing. Yet, suddenly, the VR glasses come off and the guys realize what they are doing. The boys try to call it off, but the horny stepmoms convince them to finish with what they started and to go all the way with them.


  • Network: Mylf
  • Series: Mom Swap
  • Release Date: April 22, 2024
  • Video Duration: 59:37
  • Quality: HD1080p

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