Mylf Labs - Concept: Nanny Diaries #2 - Holly Lace, Vince Karter, Dylan Ledger

What’s up, Mylf Lovers? It’s time to get experimental with a Mylf Labs update – let’s jump into the fun! This time around, we’re bringing back “Nanny Diaries” for its second iteration. The first Nanny Diaries went over super well with fans, so we knew we had to bring this one back for a second go around – if you haven’t jerked it to that scene yet, check it out after you’ve enjoyed this video! In this episode, Holly is a nice nanny, but her boss, Vince, needs her to be a naughty nanny. Holly has been babying Vince’s son, Dylan, but Vince thinks Dylan is shaping up to be too much of a wimp. He needs Holly to do whatever it takes to make Dylan more manly. He suggests masturbating in front of the young stud to entice him. Holly accepts and gets to work. When Dylan finds Holly masturbating in the living room, he’s taken aback, but Holly invites him to watch her play. Soon, Dylan comes around and starts getting hard. Holly helps Dylan with his hard-on and shows him how much fun it can be to fuck around with a milf. Dylan starts to find his manhood as he fucks Holly. He pumps Holly’s pussy with his throbbing cock, and she’s having just as much fun as he is. Dylan cums all over Holly’s tits and is then surprised by Vince, who emerges from the shadows to cheer his boy on.


  • Network: Mylf
  • Series: Mylf Labs
  • Release Date: March 21, 2024
  • Video Duration: 41:57
  • Quality: HD1080p
Category: Mylf
Performers: , ,

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