NaughtyAmerica - Maintenance worker stumbles upon big booty babe, Bobbie Lavender, taking a shower

While doing some maintenance in the gym locker room, I had to leave to get my tools and a shower part. I left signs up and cones to ward off gym members from using the shower, but this one hot babe, Bobbie Lavender, could care less. I come back and find her taking a shower. The best part of all, she needed me to soap her up. I obliged and Bobbie could see the excitement in my pants. She dropped down and started sucking my cock before she took my thick dick in her wet pussy.


  • Site: Naughty America
  • Series: Perfect Fucking Strangers
  • Release Date: May 3, 2024
  • Video Duration: 45:42
  • Quality: 8K VR
Category: NaughtyAmerica
Performers: ,

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