NuruMassage - Exchange Student’s Culture Shock – Alexis Malone, Victor Ray

An American exchange student, Victor Ray, arrives at the home of a Canadian woman, Alexis Malone, who he’ll be staying with. As Alexis excitedly invites Victor inside, she notices that he looks stiff from the trip. Since she wants him to start his stay off on the right foot, she mentions that she’s a masseuse and would be happy to give him a massage. Victor is intrigued, especially as Alexis mentions that in Canada, they use a massage called nuru that’s… a bit different. Victor is undeterred and says he’s happy to try it since he wants to learn more about this country. To his surprise, when Alexis herself strips down and invites him to a mattress, the massage ends up being FAR more sensual and erotic than he’s expecting!


  • Site: Nuru Massage
  • Series: Nuru Massage
  • Release Date: February 26, 2024
  • Video Duration: 39:25
  • Quality: 4K UHD
Category: NuruMassage
Performers: ,

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