OnlyTarts - She Deserves The Best – Kaisa Nord

Kaisa Nord is sick and tired of her lazy boyfriend. He doesn’t have a job, sits around watching TV all day while she is at work and refuses to clean up the apartment. For a while, it was tolerable because she loves him and he is a good lay. But lately, he doesn’t even have the energy to fuck her. Even when she gets dressed up in her sexiest outfits, he ignores her or is too tired to do anything. Enough is enough. She kicks him out and takes care of herself in the shower. As fun as that is, she wants real dick and decides to try her luck with a hookup app. It takes her no time at all to get a response from a hot guy who wants to give her what her ex could not. Feeling adventurous, she invites him over and is very happy with what she sees. They get right to the fun and he pulls out a cock that is exactly what she needs. Not only was it bigger than her ex’s, but it was hard and ready for her mouth. Feeling it pulse on her tongue made her feel wanted and had her pussy gushing as she bent over and felt him slip in from behind. He knew just how to stroke to make her entire body tingle and he couldn’t stop telling her how beautiful and sexy she was. The attention was almost as satisfying as the amazing sex he was giving her. She wants to give him something special so she puts him back in her mouth. Her ex always begged to cum in her mouth, but she never liked it so she always turned away at the last moment. This time she kept going, feeling him shoot into her mouth and swallowing as much as she should. She wants him to come back and from the look on his face, she is going to get what she wants.


  • Site: OnlyTarts
  • Release Date: March 18, 2024
  • Video Duration: 49:00
  • Quality: 4K UHD
Category: OnlyTarts

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