OnlyTarts - Sophie Weber For OnlyTarts

Sophie Weber has just had a fantastic night at the club. She is usually quite shy and never gets attention. Her friends have finally convinced her to be a little daring in what she wears. After a lot of thought and some shopping, she came up with an absolutely killer outfit. The tight pink clothes hugged her body and she felt different from the second she entered the club. The stares and comments made her uncomfortable at first, but as she relaxed, she began to really enjoy all of the attention her outfit brought. All night long, guys were buying her drinks and even her popular friends seemed envious of the way everyone wanted to dance with Sophie. As the night progressed, she found herself getting turned on by all of the attention she was getting.


  • Site: OnlyTarts
  • Release Date: April 25, 2024
  • Video Duration: 12:21
  • Quality: 4K UHD
Category: OnlyTarts

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