Oye Mami - Make Me Feel Sexy Again - Lu Jimenez, Tommy Verga

Lu is cooking when someone knocks on her door. It’s Tommy, her son’s best friend. The blonde milf invites the boy to come in and wait while her son arrives. Tommy can’t help but notice how hot his friend’s mom is, wearing that provocative outfit that highlights her juicy ass and big boobs. Noticing how stressed she is, Tommy offers Lu a massage, slowly making his way from her back to her tits. Lu lets the boy fondle her for a while, but suddenly stops, realizing she shouldn’t be doing this kind of stuff with a kid. Tommy insists, grabbing her firm butt tighter.


  • Network: Mylf
  • Series: Oye Mami
  • Release Date: April 27, 2024
  • Video Duration: 48:44
  • Quality: HD1080p
Category: Mylf
Performers: ,

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