TeamSkeet VIP - Ripe for the Taking - Riley Jean, Scarlett Alexis, Athena Fleurs, Molly Manning, Ryan Mclane, Ricky Spanish, Jay Romero, Jimmy Collins, Apollo Banks

Scarlett’s life is driven by her desire to lose her virginity. She believes that if she can just lose her virginity, everything else will fall into place. Her naivety is endearing, but her intentions are pure. Scarlett is willing to do whatever it takes to get fucked by Ricky, the guy Scarlett has been eyeing. Athena helps Scarlett make the first move, but the catch is that Athena gets to join in on the fun. A threesome isn’t exactly how Scarlett envisioned losing her virginity, but with no alternative, she jumps into the fire headfirst. However, the experience turned out to be better than she dreamed. The sex is thrilling, and Scarlett’s heart pounds as Ricky fucks her hard. It doesn’t seem like anything can take this moment away from Scarlett – that is, until she receives a heart-wrenching text informing Scarlett that she’s lost both her parents in a fatal accident. Scarlett’s whole world is turned upside down. She is forced to live with her godparents, Ryan and Molly, along with her new stepbrothers, Apollo and Jay. Unknown to Scarlett, the entire family is after her massive trust fund. They’ll do anything to take her money, but they can’t let her catch onto their little scheme. Her journey is sure to be filled with self-discovery, raunchy sex, betrayal, and more. Who will cum out on top in this deviant saga? Scarlett must do whatever it takes to stop her new family from taking control of her life.


  • Network: Team Skeet
  • Series: TeamSkeet VIP
  • Release Date: March 22, 2024
  • Video Duration: 01:57:34
  • Quality: HD1080p

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