Tiger Moms - You’d Be Nothing Without Me - Emerald Loves, Johnny Love

Emerald just found out her husband’s cheating on her, so she kickstarts her plan to keep her position as his wife while getting back at him. Yet, there’s just one catch: she can’t complete her plan without the help of her wimpy stepson Johnny. To get him on board, Emerald must seduce him first to secure him as a sex partner and use him for her sweet revenge. Seduction is Emerald’s mightiest weapon, surprising her stepson constantly with her luscious body. Plus, Johnny would do anything for his stepmommy, so he’ll surrender his cock to her service and let her fuck him however she pleases.


  • Network: Mylf
  • Series: Tiger Moms
  • Release Date: April 24, 2024
  • Video Duration: 41:07
  • Quality: HD1080p
Category: Mylf
Performers: ,

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