TrikePatrol - Mochi Mona Shows Pro Skills In Sticky Action

In this situation, our horny stud is filming somewhere in Los Angeles and finds himself at a local tennis court. That’s right, who would have thought Filipinas could be found slapping around balls at the tennis courts? Lucky for us, Chuck couldn’t help but notice Mochi Mona. Truth is, he wasn’t sure if she was even half Pinay. As the big question came, Mochi shares that she is indeed half Filipina. In addition, Mochi agrees to a little friendly match of tennis while Chuck multi-tasks serving Mochi up some balls while the camera is on the other hand. Well, lucky for us, tennis balls aren’t the only balls that Chuck will be serving Mochi!


  • Site: Trike Patrol
  • Release Date: XXX
  • Video Duration: Β Β 36:27
  • Quality: HD1080p
Category: TrikePatrol

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